About Us

AUDIOCHEK, founded in 2021 by Mr Anuelly, is a music promotion company that focuses on the internet promotion of upcoming urban releases.

It is the goal of AUDIOCHEK to present listeners with the most up-to-date music available, whether in audio, video or mixtape format and to serve it hot, right out of the musical kitchen, when the music is released. In order to promote emerging performers that have proven themselves worthy of making Africa proud with their skill, our team of professionals is always on the ground in the field.


We have established ourselves within the online community in order to provide musicians, DeeJays, and record labels with the ongoing experience, abilities, and expertise that we have gained via our work in the digital sphere of music promotion.


When it comes to marketing initiatives, we use smart tactics that have been put in place to efficiently optimize exposure while also building brand awareness and mobilizing a grassroots movement.


We will continue to promote their work on our platform as long as they comply with our terms and conditions, which are listed below.